Religions for the Earth Conference Logo

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York
September 19th – 21st, 2014

Religions for the Earth was designed to call out the moral imperative to care for our natural world and bridge social justice issues to environmental activism. In September of 2014, leaders from across diverse religions and traditions gathered at Religions for the Earth on the weekend before the United Nations Climate Summit, to provide leadership for the earth in a historic and critical moment.  By helping to catalyze action in support of a just and effective international climate treaty, religious and spiritual leaders are helping effect a shift in values towards an ecologically and ethically conscious global community.

The Religions for the Earth conference was hosted at Union Theological Seminary in New York, an institution with a history of leadership in social ethics and inter-religious dialogue. The conference was organized by Union Forum, a platform within Union Theological Seminary for discourse about religion and social ethics that helps inform civic action, in conjunction with our Partner Organizations.

To learn more, read our agenda, watch our videos, or read press accounts from the conference.