LGBT Rights & the Theology of Progress

Flickr : FibonacciBlue

A female member of the clergy protests in support of a marriage equality bill in Minnesota (Flickr : FibonacciBlue)

by Kimberley Debus In the spring of 1994, an acquaintance moved from our relatively safe haven in Durham, North Carolina, to a tiny village in Clay County, deep in the Smoky Mountains. He took a job managing a store no one else wanted, and he figured since he was single…

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Restorative Justice: Dreaming a New Way Forward

Consultation on Restorative Justice Plenary (Adrienne Nicole Productions)

by Karenna Gore (Want more about restorative justice? Read this interview with Chris Jones, ’13, and this interview with Tanya Williams, Union’s Deputy Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement) What then shall we do about mass incarceration? As we saw in the Cellblocks and Border Stops conference this…

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“When Judgment and Justice are Connected to Othering, We’ve Got a Problem.”


Karenna Gore interviewed Tanya Williams, Union’s Deputy Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Community Engagement. Tanya helped to facilitate November 2013’s Consultation on Restorative Justice at Fordham University. Q: What does “restorative justice” mean? A: From my perspective, people who practice restorative justice are talking about a process we don’t…

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